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Pongo - Rod Taylor
Perdita - Cate Bauer, Lisa Daniels
Roger - Ben Wright
Anita - Lisa Davis
Nanny/Queenie/Lucy - Martha Wentworth
Cruella De Vil/Miss Birdwell - Betty Lou Gerson
Horace/Inspector Craven - Frederick Worlock
Jasper/Colonel - J. Pat O'Malley
Sgt. Tibs - David Frankham
The Captain - Thurl Ravenscroft
Collie/Quizmaster - Tom Conway
Danny - George Pelling
Dirty Dawson - Paul Frees
Duchess - Marjorie Bennett
Labrador - Ramsay Hill
Lucky - Mimi Gibson
Patch - Mickey Maga
Penny - Sandra Abbott
Princess - Queenie Leonard
Rolly - Barbara Beaird
Rover - Barbara Luddy
Spotty - Rickie Sorenson
Towser - Tudor Owen

Release Dates

USA - January 25, 1961
Finland - December 15, 1961
France - December 20, 1961
Finland - December 21, 1979 (re-release)
USA - December 20, 1985 (re-release)
USA - July 12, 1991 (re-release)
Denmark - March 24, 1995 (re-release)
Finland - April 14, 1995
Norway - May 1, 2002 (Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival)


BAFTA Awards - Winner, 1962 (Best Animated Film)

Foreign Titles

Danish - 101 Dalmatinere
Dutch - 101 Dalmatiërs
French - Les 101 Dalmatiens
German - 101 Dalmatiner
Italian - La Carica dei 101
Spanish - 101 Dálmatas
Swedish - Pongo och de 101 Dalmatinerna


"Cruella De Vil"
"Dalmations Plantation"


"Cruella De Vil"

Cruella De Vil
Cruella De Vil
If she doesn't scare you
No evil thing will
To see her is to take a sudden chill
Cruella De Vil

The curl of her lips
The ice in her stare
All young children had better beware!
She's like a spider waiting for her kill
Look out for Cruella De Vil

At first you think Cruella is a devil
But after time has worn away the shock
You come to realise
You've seen her kind of eyes
Watching you from underneath a rock

This vampire bat
This inhuman beast
She ought to be locked up
And never released
The world was such a wholesome place until
Cruella De Vil